Our sales and marketing services focus on introducing and popularizing products to the relevant channels. 

We believe FOCUS is the key to success. We structure our teams in small Business Units which are responsible for the marketing and sales of a small & manageable number of brands/products. This is to ensure undivided focus of our team to maximize brand awareness, point-of-purchase availability/visibility, and generate sales off-take. 

With our experienced sales force that enjoys strong relationships with all channels (hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, etc.), we are able to reach both urban and rural areas in the country effectively and efficiently.

Services we provide:

  • Market Research


  • Promotion Management

  • Product Registration


  • Distribution Services


  • Regulatory Services

  • Customer Services


  • Brand & Product Management

  • Consumer Communication & Public Relations


  • Sales & Merchandizing Services


Our sales team currently covers more than 1,000 clinics, 600 independent pharmacies, 600 chain pharmacies, and 50 private hospitals. 

We also cover government hospitals through participating in government tenders via the authorized government tender agents.


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